6th Grade

This is the home of all our 6th grade materials. Here you will find more than 30 free tests and quizzes that are available to download and print. We are working hard to complete a video walkthrough for each and every test. Join our website to be the first to know when a new videos posts. This is also where you will find our 6th grade math Ebooks, our daily word problem blog, and all our other educational videos.



There are different tests from all around the United States available for PDF download. There is a brief description of each test followed by a link. NYMATHTUTOR.COM is working on creating a video walkthrough for every test. Each test can be printed by teachers for homework assignments for their students, by parents who need a helping hand, or by students who are struggling. 


We have published Ebooks on Amazon as well as on this site. Our Ebooks contain word problems that include the major topics based on the common core standards. At NYMATHTUTOR.COM, we believe that each students learns differently. Therefor, we have used different methods for our ebooks. Some books contain videos which explain sample problems. Others have written instructions that explain step by step solutions. Find what works and practice, practice, practice.

Educational Videos

Here you will find the extra educational videos produced by NYMATHTUTOR.com. Please let us know if there are any topics you would like to see us make a video about. While you are on our youtube site please subscribe so that you will know when we post new videos.