NY Math Tutor is a site built to help connect parents with kids. It is our mission to support parents who are struggling to help their children with math. It can be an incredibly frustrating feeling not to be able to help your child with homework or test preparation. That is where NY Math Tutor comes in. We have provided step by step tutorials in the form of videos and ebooks that allow parents to contribute to the education of their children. NY Math Tutor has also collected state tests from all over the country. Now parents and educators don’t need to waste time searching the internet or a file cabinet for extra practice.

Scott Grierson CEO

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It all started when...

Scott began tutoring Brooklyn students in 2011.  He worked for a non-profit organization tutoring students in low income families.  That organization lost their funding after one short year.  He was fortunate enough to have a few great families who hired him on to be a private tutor for their children.  His meager three families quickly turned into over 30 families in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn.  Currently he works with Brooklyn families in the Bay Ridge and Park Slope areas, tutoring in math, english, and science.  He also writes educational workbooks for grade school students. Most importantly, he is a proud husband and father.