Summer Math Challenge -Level 10-

Level 10 of 10...Good Luck!

A barrel starts out with a certain amount of water inside of it. James adds 10 liters of water to the barrel. This makes the barrel 60% full. Then James adds another 6 liters of water to the barrel, which makes the barrel 75% full. How much water was in the barrel at the start?

Summer Math Challenge -Level 9-

Level 9 of 10...Good Luck!

Heidi bought 2 and 1/3 yards of cloth at $9.00 per yard. If she used a 20% off coupon before there was 5% tax applied, how much did she pay for the cloth?

Summer Math Challenge -Level 8-

Level 8 of 10...Good Luck!

At Pam's Pizza they have 3 different sizes and 8 different toppings to choose from. Jim orders a pizza with exactly 2 toppings. How many different pizzas could he have made?

Summer Math Challenge -Level 7-

Level 7 of 10. Good Luck!

Aaron scored an average of 12 points per game in his first 4 basketball games. After the 5th game, his average shot up to 14 points per game. How many points did Aaron score in the 5th game?