12/23 POTD

This will be the last post of the year.  New word problems will start again on January 2nd.  If you run out of things to do you can always buy one of my books from this site or check on my video library.  Thanks!

3rd Grade

Donna bought 4 packages of pencils at the store.  When she came home she opened up all the packages.  She counted all the pencils and found that she had 28.  If there was an equal number of pencils in each package, how many pencils came in each package?


4th Grade

Vincent wanted to know the area of his rectangular neighborhood.  He found that the length of the neighborhood was 75 yards and the width was 80 feet.  In square feet, what is the area of his neighborhood?

3rd: 7 pencils per package

4th: 18,000 square feet