1/2/17 POTD

Welcome to 2017!  Make it a great year.  

3rd Grade

Gregg bought 80 teddy bears.  He gave 35 to family members and 28 to friends.  Gregg kept the rest of the teddy bears.  How many teddy bears did Gregg keep?

4th Grade

Kim has three types of apples.  She has 20 red apples, 10 green apples, and 30 yellow apples.  She plans to sell all her apples.  She will sell the red apples for $0.50 each, the green apples for $0.80 each, and the yellow apples for $1.00 each.  If she sells all the apples, how much money will Kim make?

3rd: 17 teddy bears

4th: $48.00