1/3/17 POTD

3rd Grade + 4th Grade

Today there will be two parts to the question.  Everyone should try both parts.  If you are a third grader don't feel bad if you can't do part B, but give it a try.

Scott is making this Humpty Dumpty doll for his friend Phillipe.  On the legs, there are an equal number of white and black stripes.  Each leg stripe has 20 stitches.  On the body there are 45 rows.  Each body row has 82 stitches. Each arm has a total of 200 stitches.  

Part A: If each leg has 10 black stripes, how many stitches are on both legs?

Part B: Including the arms, legs, and body, how many stitches does Humpty Dumpty have?

3rd: 800 stitches  

4th: 4,890 stitches