Extra Practice Resources: Reading

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ReadWorks Link

New York State Education Link 


This is part 2 of our series on practice resources. In this video you will learn about my two favorite sites for reading comprehension. This should help with your child's ELA skills. 

Readworks.org is an amazing resource. Not only do they have thousands of stories and articles with questions and answer keys, but they also have an administration option that allows you to set up your own classes where you can assign homework to your students/children and grade their responses automatically. In addition to the standard stories and articles, readworks also offers paired texts. These paired texts offer two articles on a similar topic. You can use these resources to practice compare and contrast skills as well as common themes between stories. 

The NYS education site has a boatload of resources from 3rd grade to high school. A sample of Common Core tests from 2014 to the present year are present here for 3rd to 8th grade. They also have a selection of readings from before the common core days. Theses tests also offer great practice. The high school section offers over 25 regent tests that have multiple choice, short response, and essay questions. These tests are very difficult and provide great practice for students.