Math Resources for Extra Practice

This week our Parenting Tip for Raising Great Students is all about where to find outstanding resources to do extra math practice. Since we do run two math websites, we start with those. I hope you enjoy:

NY Math Tutor is an excellent resource for students in 3rd to 8th grade.

  • Each grade has a curated list of at least 20 different practice tests for you to choose from.
  • The site contains a word problem blog with video explanations. They start out fairly easy, but by the time you reach level 10 you are in for a challenge.
  • Every grade also contains video tutorials to help with the hardest concepts.
  • Math Ebooks are available as well for even more practice.

NYC Math Academy is our online math academy currently catering to 3rd grade. 

  • Each course contains 4 topics with video explanations.
  • There are several opportunities to practice your new math skills during the videos and in the form of practice pdf worksheets.
  • Each topic also has a quiz to check for understanding.
  • You can purchase all 5 courses at a discounted rate by selecting the BUNDLE.