Episode 8 with Kallie Branciforte


Today’s show has an interview with Kallie Branciforte creator of But First Coffee Blog and CAFFEINATE AND CONQUER which is a toolbox for bloggers, social media influencers, and small businesses to grow their online presence.

There are a bunch of reasons why I wanted to have her on the show but this time we focused on Pinterest and what it could do to your blog, business, or website. 

With her help, I came to understand that Pinterest is not only a social media thing but also a search engine tool. That it is really powerful and has great algorithm the same as google. That according to her “all those time we spent worrying about google algorithm and ranking for search engine but we should be thinking about that in Pinterest because it is quickly becoming one of the most popular search engines. And that Pinterest has gotten over a hundred millions of active users recently so there’s a ton of people in Pinterest to search for what they need."

According to Kallie, on Pinterest, you can push out anything from products, services, blog, eBook, and even YouTube Videos although it hasn’t gotten into a good video level yet the number of people who can see your posts and pins. It is really just a place to put out any information that you’re doing whether it’s a blog post or anything. But since Pinterest is essentially image based, you need to put an extra step in creating an image or graphic to go with it if you really want to be successful. 

She recommended that one way to optimize that pin on your board is to fill up that description box and underneath with information where you can say a little bit about that particular pin. That will help you rank on Pinterest. Kallie also said, it is a good practice to share a mix of pins and content from other people on your board which falls in the same category as yours. 

Kallie shared so much with me today that I owe her a huge thank you. You should check out her blog, website and YouTube videos if you are looking for help, she has so much great stuff to offer. Check it out at Butfirstcoffeeblog.com and caffeinateandconquer.com. 


Episode 7 with Kym Nitschke

It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to talk to the accounting pro and entrepreneur master Kym Nitschke. He is the person that runs The Accounting Insider website and a managing partner at Nitschke Nancarrow Chartered Accountants who specializes in doing accounting for medical practitioners but also doing quite all sorts of personal or business accounting as well. 

He has been running his business for seventeen years and been doing fantastic that is why I am a fan. As I listened to his Podcast and Vlog on YouTube I got the feeling that I needed to talk to him. 

When he decided to start putting his business online years ago, he somehow failed like most successful entrepreneurs but then was so fearless and made himself get going and now here he is.  

I invited him today because he interests me with his powerful insights about business and wealth growth. His ability, talent, visions, goals and productivity are only part of his success. 

In this interview, he has given insights about SEO which I think is really good for beginners out there who are somewhat seeking knowledge about how to rank their website online. He has lots of good insights which you can check on his podcast on ITunes and Sound Cloud and his YouTube channel, I assure you’ll become a fan like I am. 

About SEO, he mentioned looking at your competitor’s website ranking and what they’re doing, why they’re on top. In order to compete with them you need to reverse engineer the process to work out exactly how you could basically copy a competitors’ to work your way up. 

There are tools out there you can use to be able compete like a pro. He mentioned a program called AHREF as a tool to seek competitors, look at all those other websites, why they are doing better than you on Google and lets him know his business ranking. It tells you the best search terms of this other pages are having, and what page on you are hitting when they hit that websites. There are lots of program out there that could help you compete and are really helpful for beginners. 

In today’s world, competing online to pioneers is as easy as 123, to beginners it is a hell of a job. However, mastery and putting yourself to work are the keys to succeed and that is what Kym Nitschke has shared with me in this interview today. 


Episode 6 with Emeka Ossai

Today’s show includes an interview with Emeka Ossai the person behind “My Self-Publishing Blueprint”. This is a publishing course focused on helping you achieve your first $1000 in passive income online in the shortest period of time! Come join the many others who are creating their first stream of passive income with Kindle publishing.

In this interview, we discussed his blog where he talked about his monthly goals and how he uses this short-term goal as accomplish his long term goals. In the long run this are became very helpful in his daily life. 

If you have read his blog, there is a page for his monthly goal report where he breaks down all his expenses, revenue and goals for the month from passive income.  He shares his goal to make him accountable and know where he is at each month. And also to inspire and show exactly what it takes to create a passive income lifestyle.

In his monthly report on his blog, he starts with saying “I will easily accomplish…” which is very interesting on my part so I asked him why that and his answer was for self-talk. He said “when you talk to yourself, like I will easily accomplish X goal by this date, by saying you’re going to easily accomplish you’re just mentally preparing yourself for it.” By saying “I am going to easily accomplish this goal” versus “this goal is going to be extremely difficult and challenging but I’ll accomplish it” is like you’re just setting yourself up in a more positive way he mentioned. So the main idea was set a deadline for your big goal and your dream and then you work backwards and then you set shorter deadlines and smaller goals that will help you reach that dream.

Right now he is dedicated to building up his “Myself Publishing Blueprint” to help people learn the specific strategy to experience making a passive income by publishing eBooks like he did. 

In his life, the satisfaction of helping other people for him is huge and this is his way of doing it, by providing updated educational tools with a reasonable price to share his knowledge. 

It is one of my goals to sign up for his course and I am so excited about it. If you want to start earning a passive income you should try and sign up. You can check his website at www.emekaossai.com also check his YouTube Channel at www.emekaossai.com/youtube or his facebook at https://www.facebook.com/emekajossai.

Today's show also includes a segment where listeners are asked to try Gretchen Rubin's, "One Minute Rule", at home in the hopes of decluttering their business life and increasing their happiness. You can find more information about her website, podcast, and books at http://gretchenrubin.com/

See you there!

Episode 5 with Anthony Tran

Interview with Anthony Tran, a Realistic View of Startup Business Online

In this interview, I had a chance to talk to Anthony Tran, the founder of the successful custom WordPress design agency Marketing Access Pass and AccessWP and also an amazing host of Accesswp podcast. He has a realistic view of how startup companies should be seen online. His experiences could help new businesses from not doing the mistakes he did when he was starting his career.

I asked him about how someone with a website who is just started his business online would be seen. His answers were straight forward. He mentioned doing social media marketing like Facebook ads, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest are the most popular traffic sources that most businesses use. He also included blogging and working with google search engine optimization as well as podcasting like what I do. But in order to be consistent, he said, a startup business should always have one or two mediums that you enjoy doing consistently and sticking with that.

He mentioned his struggles when he was starting his business online. In his opinion, the biggest mistakes lots of entrepreneurs do when starting a business online is trying to do everything and be everywhere by yourself without focusing on one or two things. It is very important that you are consistent. And I agree with him on that.

Furthermore, in our interview, I asked about how long you would do one thing for your business in order to get the result you want. He said that the more time you put into something the quicker the result you’ll get. But if you are doing this on the side, let’s be real, you have a family, you know personal things health and fitness, you have lots of things going on. So if you can put it extra time, great, if you can’t you know just give yourself a realistic timeframe and then pace yourself. However, if you want to get things done quickly and you don’t have the time then you should invest in getting help. If you’re starting out and you can afford the extra help do that. You can hire virtual assistant, hire someone that’s really good at social media or really good at podcasts editing or something that maybe you know you need to do but you just don’t have the time or don’t want to get involved with because we only have a certain amount of time a day and it's very unrealistic for us to do it all and be good at all. He mentioned, as an example, that we both do podcasting. That I could outsource the post production with somebody then I could spend more time doing what I love to do which is talking to people, interviewing people. It makes a lot of sense. When you can pay someone to work for you few bucks then you could be more productive with what you do.

So much to learn from Anthony, for him, the easiest way to gain more presence online is to get into social media, especially Facebook. Connect with people you may or may not know. Build relationships with strangers, getting to know them, build that relationship and a lot of those either become people who referred business to me or ultimately become customers or just create friends.


Anthony Tran

website: http://marketingaccesspass.com/

website: https://accesswp.com/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marketingaccesspass

twitter: @AnthonyTranMAP

email: anthony@accesswp.com

Episode 4 with Lyndsay Phillips

This is episode 4. The theme for this week is outsourcing. We welcomed Lyndsay Phillips to the show. We discussed characteristics that all successful entrepreneurs have in common, content marketing, and her Rescue Boat Services. Our Youtube hero of the week was Chalene Johnson. If you have ever wondered if it was time for you to start outsourcing some of your work, this is the episode for you. Rate and review on iTunes. Please and thank you.  DOWNLOAD THE SHOW or listen below:

Lyndsay Phillips is the founder of smooth business growth.com, where they help entrepreneurs attract & acquire more customers faster through powerful content marketing. Lyndsay hosts an amazing podcast called “sailing to success” where she interviews experts from all areas of business, you should check out that show on iTunes and stitcher.

  Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker and the founder of the SmartLife movement. She grew up in Michigan, the daughter of an entrepreneur. Her upbringing taught her to just go for things in life and to JUST DO IT! She learned at a young age that she could recreate herself and offer specific services to people through her strengths. She has transitioned from being one of the most popular fitness trainers in the world, she is the creator TurboKick, to one of the most successful lifestyle and business experts online.

Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker and the founder of the SmartLife movement. She grew up in Michigan, the daughter of an entrepreneur. Her upbringing taught her to just go for things in life and to JUST DO IT! She learned at a young age that she could recreate herself and offer specific services to people through her strengths. She has transitioned from being one of the most popular fitness trainers in the world, she is the creator TurboKick, to one of the most successful lifestyle and business experts online.

Episode 3 with Chris Hughes

Scott recaps his successful week 2, including his jump into Quora and Triberr. Chris Hughes joins the show to talk old school promotion techniques, the importance of passion in business, and the drive it takes to be successful. Carrie Green, from female entrepreneur association, is our Youtube Hero of the Week. The show finishes with feedback from the listeners.

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Episode 2 with James Scholes

This special episode, all the way from Serbia, is available for your listening pleasure. Please take a minute to rate and review on ITunes.  It really helps. 

This week we talk about the setbacks faced in week 1 and how we will overcome those challenges in week 2. James Scholes joins the show to talk squeeze pages, driving traffic, what to focus on, and the importance of building a brand instead of a mailing list. My youtube hero this week is Scott Harrison of Charity Water. I know it's not a traditional youtube personality but I had charity water on the mind this week and they got the spotlight. 

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Fiverr.com Review and Tutorial

Today's video is all about Fiverr.com. I love this website right now. I have used it to make an animated video and to do some photoshop work. I will talk about them briefly in the podcast on Tuesday. Hope to see you there.

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