Episode 6 with Emeka Ossai

Today’s show includes an interview with Emeka Ossai the person behind “My Self-Publishing Blueprint”. This is a publishing course focused on helping you achieve your first $1000 in passive income online in the shortest period of time! Come join the many others who are creating their first stream of passive income with Kindle publishing.

In this interview, we discussed his blog where he talked about his monthly goals and how he uses this short-term goal as accomplish his long term goals. In the long run this are became very helpful in his daily life. 

If you have read his blog, there is a page for his monthly goal report where he breaks down all his expenses, revenue and goals for the month from passive income.  He shares his goal to make him accountable and know where he is at each month. And also to inspire and show exactly what it takes to create a passive income lifestyle.

In his monthly report on his blog, he starts with saying “I will easily accomplish…” which is very interesting on my part so I asked him why that and his answer was for self-talk. He said “when you talk to yourself, like I will easily accomplish X goal by this date, by saying you’re going to easily accomplish you’re just mentally preparing yourself for it.” By saying “I am going to easily accomplish this goal” versus “this goal is going to be extremely difficult and challenging but I’ll accomplish it” is like you’re just setting yourself up in a more positive way he mentioned. So the main idea was set a deadline for your big goal and your dream and then you work backwards and then you set shorter deadlines and smaller goals that will help you reach that dream.

Right now he is dedicated to building up his “Myself Publishing Blueprint” to help people learn the specific strategy to experience making a passive income by publishing eBooks like he did. 

In his life, the satisfaction of helping other people for him is huge and this is his way of doing it, by providing updated educational tools with a reasonable price to share his knowledge. 

It is one of my goals to sign up for his course and I am so excited about it. If you want to start earning a passive income you should try and sign up. You can check his website at www.emekaossai.com also check his YouTube Channel at www.emekaossai.com/youtube or his facebook at https://www.facebook.com/emekajossai.

Today's show also includes a segment where listeners are asked to try Gretchen Rubin's, "One Minute Rule", at home in the hopes of decluttering their business life and increasing their happiness. You can find more information about her website, podcast, and books at http://gretchenrubin.com/

See you there!