Episode 7 with Kym Nitschke

It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to talk to the accounting pro and entrepreneur master Kym Nitschke. He is the person that runs The Accounting Insider website and a managing partner at Nitschke Nancarrow Chartered Accountants who specializes in doing accounting for medical practitioners but also doing quite all sorts of personal or business accounting as well. 

He has been running his business for seventeen years and been doing fantastic that is why I am a fan. As I listened to his Podcast and Vlog on YouTube I got the feeling that I needed to talk to him. 

When he decided to start putting his business online years ago, he somehow failed like most successful entrepreneurs but then was so fearless and made himself get going and now here he is.  

I invited him today because he interests me with his powerful insights about business and wealth growth. His ability, talent, visions, goals and productivity are only part of his success. 

In this interview, he has given insights about SEO which I think is really good for beginners out there who are somewhat seeking knowledge about how to rank their website online. He has lots of good insights which you can check on his podcast on ITunes and Sound Cloud and his YouTube channel, I assure you’ll become a fan like I am. 

About SEO, he mentioned looking at your competitor’s website ranking and what they’re doing, why they’re on top. In order to compete with them you need to reverse engineer the process to work out exactly how you could basically copy a competitors’ to work your way up. 

There are tools out there you can use to be able compete like a pro. He mentioned a program called AHREF as a tool to seek competitors, look at all those other websites, why they are doing better than you on Google and lets him know his business ranking. It tells you the best search terms of this other pages are having, and what page on you are hitting when they hit that websites. There are lots of program out there that could help you compete and are really helpful for beginners. 

In today’s world, competing online to pioneers is as easy as 123, to beginners it is a hell of a job. However, mastery and putting yourself to work are the keys to succeed and that is what Kym Nitschke has shared with me in this interview today.