Episode 8 with Kallie Branciforte


Today’s show has an interview with Kallie Branciforte creator of But First Coffee Blog and CAFFEINATE AND CONQUER which is a toolbox for bloggers, social media influencers, and small businesses to grow their online presence.

There are a bunch of reasons why I wanted to have her on the show but this time we focused on Pinterest and what it could do to your blog, business, or website. 

With her help, I came to understand that Pinterest is not only a social media thing but also a search engine tool. That it is really powerful and has great algorithm the same as google. That according to her “all those time we spent worrying about google algorithm and ranking for search engine but we should be thinking about that in Pinterest because it is quickly becoming one of the most popular search engines. And that Pinterest has gotten over a hundred millions of active users recently so there’s a ton of people in Pinterest to search for what they need."

According to Kallie, on Pinterest, you can push out anything from products, services, blog, eBook, and even YouTube Videos although it hasn’t gotten into a good video level yet the number of people who can see your posts and pins. It is really just a place to put out any information that you’re doing whether it’s a blog post or anything. But since Pinterest is essentially image based, you need to put an extra step in creating an image or graphic to go with it if you really want to be successful. 

She recommended that one way to optimize that pin on your board is to fill up that description box and underneath with information where you can say a little bit about that particular pin. That will help you rank on Pinterest. Kallie also said, it is a good practice to share a mix of pins and content from other people on your board which falls in the same category as yours. 

Kallie shared so much with me today that I owe her a huge thank you. You should check out her blog, website and YouTube videos if you are looking for help, she has so much great stuff to offer. Check it out at Butfirstcoffeeblog.com and caffeinateandconquer.com.