Episode 5 with Anthony Tran

Interview with Anthony Tran, a Realistic View of Startup Business Online

In this interview, I had a chance to talk to Anthony Tran, the founder of the successful custom WordPress design agency Marketing Access Pass and AccessWP and also an amazing host of Accesswp podcast. He has a realistic view of how startup companies should be seen online. His experiences could help new businesses from not doing the mistakes he did when he was starting his career.

I asked him about how someone with a website who is just started his business online would be seen. His answers were straight forward. He mentioned doing social media marketing like Facebook ads, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest are the most popular traffic sources that most businesses use. He also included blogging and working with google search engine optimization as well as podcasting like what I do. But in order to be consistent, he said, a startup business should always have one or two mediums that you enjoy doing consistently and sticking with that.

He mentioned his struggles when he was starting his business online. In his opinion, the biggest mistakes lots of entrepreneurs do when starting a business online is trying to do everything and be everywhere by yourself without focusing on one or two things. It is very important that you are consistent. And I agree with him on that.

Furthermore, in our interview, I asked about how long you would do one thing for your business in order to get the result you want. He said that the more time you put into something the quicker the result you’ll get. But if you are doing this on the side, let’s be real, you have a family, you know personal things health and fitness, you have lots of things going on. So if you can put it extra time, great, if you can’t you know just give yourself a realistic timeframe and then pace yourself. However, if you want to get things done quickly and you don’t have the time then you should invest in getting help. If you’re starting out and you can afford the extra help do that. You can hire virtual assistant, hire someone that’s really good at social media or really good at podcasts editing or something that maybe you know you need to do but you just don’t have the time or don’t want to get involved with because we only have a certain amount of time a day and it's very unrealistic for us to do it all and be good at all. He mentioned, as an example, that we both do podcasting. That I could outsource the post production with somebody then I could spend more time doing what I love to do which is talking to people, interviewing people. It makes a lot of sense. When you can pay someone to work for you few bucks then you could be more productive with what you do.

So much to learn from Anthony, for him, the easiest way to gain more presence online is to get into social media, especially Facebook. Connect with people you may or may not know. Build relationships with strangers, getting to know them, build that relationship and a lot of those either become people who referred business to me or ultimately become customers or just create friends.


Anthony Tran

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